Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Best Gift Ever: Smocks!

Y'all these art smocks are seriously the best gift ever.  Everytime I type $14, I double check just to make sure I didn't mark them wrong in the first place.  We are now offering these treats in three different colors on our website and we couldn't be more excited about it!  This is my go-to birthday gift, because they wash well,  can be used for art projects, in the kitchen, in the garden, and even in the costume box!  And y'all....the price is soooooooooo right!  Even with a monogram, you come out less than $30.

These smocks are here to stay, but if you order today, you'll have it(without a monogram) in time for Valentine's Day! Wooohoooo!!! Click here for the direct link.

Happy Shopping y'all!

Monday, February 3, 2014

Swim is Here!!

Long time no chat!!! Didn't want y'all to miss this cuteness.  We are posting our limited quantity swim collection today on facebook!!  We'll be sending any leftovers to our website.  I'm heading over to FB now.  Happy Shopping!

Direct Link to our facebook page here.
Direct Link to our website is here.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Celebration Time! Maggie is Two!

I blinked somewhere in 2012 and when I opened my eyes, all of a sudden a two year landed in my lap! A two year full of giggles, I love you Mommy and Daddy's, lots of lip kisses and BIG hugs! Also full of "Maggie do it's" and "NO, MINE's", a strong love of Dora, Princess Soooapia, and Firetrucks and a mouth full of words that just come tumbling out from the second she pops up until well past the time she gets tucked into bed. A two year old that wishes books could be read to her all day long, cowgirl boots could be worn to school and the only thing offered for dinner was Cupcakes, Yellow Cheese and Lollipops (which are interchangeable with popcicles).

We celebrated the big birthday this past weekend- starting on Thursday at school and finishing up on Sunday with a sprinkle pancake breakfast full of Cousins! We jammed a birthday party with all our friends in the middle- I think it is safe to say that blow up toddler sized waterslides are a hit! (unless of course you are Maggie and scared to go down alone..but found waiting on the edge to be splashed just as thrilling!)

And what's a birthday party without best friends!

And best cousins! (I count 5 sets of Peirce Cheeks!)

And Cupcakes!


And Dora and Dress Up Presents Galore!

And lest we not forget Pappy's! (and if you brought Maggie a gift to the party, we thank you...but she thinks Pappy got her everything!)

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Freedom Ride to The Salt Life!!

Freedom Ride to the Salt Life...ha!  I know...that's a lot of code, so let me explain.  Last Friday, Sari, Me, Nicole and our three other partners in crime Beth, Kaley, and Shala ran away from our real lives and had just one glorious responsibility free night at the beach and we called it "The Freedom Ride."  My friends....this is mandatory for ALL OF YOU!  We have girls' nights out often.  The kind where you go to dinner, have one drink maybe...bc it's probably a work/school night and you just don't feel like the one drink is worth it...and then you go home.  Being able to disappear for the WHOLE night just took girls' night to a new level.  I will not post our photos bc they are incriminating.....ahahhahah!! Joke!  We were just silly.  Dancing, story telling, advising, eating, drinking, shooting star watching on the deck...PERFECTION! I think all of the lights went out around 2am and we all popped up shortly after the sun anticipating the arrival of our families.  Just one night y'all and I swear to you, when the troops arrived that morning, we all loved our husbands and kids a little bit more than we did the day before.

(if you want a peek at our shenanigans, they may or may not be found at #galvyfreedomride on instagram)

At about 10am on Saturday, the Salt Life commenced when a little tease of rain disappeared, the sky turned blue, and the sun just beamed on us with perfect glory.  Salt Life is our mantra while we're at the beach.  It basically just means no rules, no schedules, no expectations....

In the salt life, you know that Addy and Camille's daddy is going to dig a pool for you right by the shore.

In the salt life, your mom lets you crawl around in the sand and eat it too!

In the salt life, babies sleep outside.

In the salt life, John is the pied piper!  Hahahahah!

And in the salt life, your parents will bribe you with fun dip to participate in a group photo with all of your friends, however, you still will not look at the camera.

Looking at the 500+ photos I have on my computer from this weekend makes me ooze with happiness. Everyone needs a chance to breathe and that's exactly what the Freedom Ride did for the 6 of us.  We all do something different in our normal days....we're pharmacists and engineers and business owners and audiologists and stay at home moms and budget analysts.  We're busy and tired and stretched and pulled and needed to the extreme.  This little overnight solidified the fact that good friends complete you y'all....they really do.   Please go make this happen in your world.  It just takes one group email! GO!!! 

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Baby Boy Nursery!

Y'all...I really need to get myself going on this nursery! I can't decide if it's second child syndrome? Pregnant with an almost 2 year old in August? Or I still have some buried fears about this baby and it's just not going to be all A-okay until he's in my arms? I don't know what it is, but I'm nearing the 3 month mark and all I've got is crown molding in the room thanks to my wonderful husband!

I do know that a big part of my problem is I CAN NOT make a decision on what I want in this room! Maggie's room just click click clicked together and once I found a direction I never turned around...but this one...I just don't know. HELP! I will say that I'm not a HUGE fan of perfectly matched, perfectly coordinated things- so traditional nurseries aren't always my style..not that they aren't absolutely lovely, but they just don't fit with me. I like layers and patterned fabrics over themed matching sets. Okkkkkkkkkay. Here's a round up of my pins...you can see my whole Nursery 2 board and the links to all these pics on my Pinterest account.

So? What's your vote? I mean I have a favorite and John has a favorite, and I don't think they are necessarily the same favorite- but I need some more opinions! Ready Set GO!

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Beach Countdown

The countdown is ON for our Labor Day beach trip! Yall, all summer long I've been dreaming about the beach. And I can't believe it is less than a month away! Hooray!!!!
This year I wanted to do something fun for Annie, since she has also been talking about going to the beach nonstop. And I made it official this weekend with a beach countdown for her.

I googled fun ways to make a countdown for your kids and came across this idea. It seemed easy enough. Number envelopes, decorate them and fill them with beach related goodies.  And it actually was just that easy!
First, I headed to the Dollar Tree and hit the jackpot. For a month countdown, I needed roughly 27 days’ worth of treats… No problem. I got all sorts of silly things (not completely beach related) and picked up the envelopes and decorating supplies too.
Friday afternoon Annie came home talking about the beach...again.  It was the perfect segue into me suggesting a BEACH COUNTDOWN. And "oh look, we can write the numbers of days on these envelopes I just happen to have." I was thrilled.  The envelopes came out sooo cute. Annie helped decorate them and we added some of her artwork from school that was beach related.

She spent the night out Saturday which gave Anthony and me the perfect opportunity to stuff the bags and hang them before she got home. We strung them up and looped them around the stair banisters... where else do you have room for 27 envelops???
So we started Sunday and each day, after bathtime, she takes down an envelope, and we talk about how many days left, and then she gets to open up her surprise!  Annie has been really excited about it so far.  She can't even wait long enough to put on pj's or brush her teeth.  Straight from the bathtub to the countdown...

Did I say they came out cute? SOOO CUTE!   24 more days... and counting!

NOTE: I have some lessons learned after a few days of this countdown:
  1. Start later. 27 days is too long for a 3 year old. I should have started with 10 days for this age.
  2. Put a candy in every evelope. Truly, that is all she cares about. Actually I could have skipped the trinkets all together and had a candy countdown. 
  3. Some prizes aren't as fun as others. So don't get your feelings hurt if they don't appreciate the unfun prize the day after a really fun prize. I mean, I thought an owl thermal lunch purse was fun. Annie didn't. Now I know....
  4. Numerical order doesn't completely register with a 3 year old.  We have had to explain why 22 can't be opened before 23 a few times.

Friday, August 2, 2013

It was just Pizza!

A few weeks ago Sarah sent out this link to our closest friends.  She told us to read it and memorize it just like she just did.

Here's the summary: Be there for your friends when they are going through something tough.  Saying something is only temporary or it will pass or awww, isn't enough.  Let them know what they are going through sucks and that you are there for them and just when you are feeling like you don't know how to help, send pizza over to their house for dinner and call to let them know when it will arrive.

We all read the blog post.  We all took mental notes.  We all moved on.  Not Sari.  She was just waiting for the perfect time to present itself so she could put this knowledge into practice.  Today, I gave it to her.  It was just one of those days y'all.  Nothing serious or scary or important at all in the grand scheme of things.  I was just disappointed in myself and worried about one of my babes.  My usual schedule was thrown for a loop and there wasn't enough time in the day.  At some point I found a few seconds to text some lines to Sarah.  I told her this day had defeated me, but I was trying to make a comeback.  I gave her a 5 line summary and then put the phone down.  HOURS later, while checking out at Starbucks, scooping up some gifts for the girls' camp counselors, minutes before I had to pick them up, another text came from Sarah.  "Pizzas coming to your house at 6.  Get excited."

I cried at the Starbucks check out.

I just needed that pizza y'all.  No major reason, I just needed it.  This afternoon while Owen was sleeping, instead of getting dinner together, I snuggled with the girls on the couch and watched Jake and the Neverland Pirates and we sang that song that is on REPEAT on disney jr, "you can be, what you wanna be!"  I know you know the one.  By the end of naptime, I felt like my morning drama never happened.  It was because of the pizza.  The pizza and one of my best people noticing that I needed just a little something extra today.

I've been searching high and low for the perfect pic of me and Sarah to make you feel warm and fuzzy all over.  This is the ONLY one I have on my entire computer other than her wedding photos.  At least we're in our happy place.  5pm on the beach, watching the little people play.

Can you think of somebody who needs a little something extra? I can't wait to pay this one forward!

***So pumped about next week.  Babies, babies, babies on the brain!  We're talking nurseries and names and homemade baby food. Have a great weekend friends!

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby's First Year - Monthly Photo Idea!

Sooooo many ideas out there to document the first year of your baby's life y'all.  After watching Sarah take WEEKLY photos of Maggie using precious blocks as the week marker, I decided I needed to step up my efforts for Owen.  

For the girls, I used a small dry erase board.  It served it's purpose, but let's be honest, I needed something Instagram worthy this time.  Hahahahahah!  I searched pinterest high and low and just couldn't commit until my sister-in-law found this photo, and I thought ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I can make that work for a monthly pic.  I cannot believe we have a 6 month old in this house, but we do.  Here's what we have so far in our little picture project:

It's easy y'all! You know that's my motto...easy, breezy.  My only little bits of advice are 1: make the number smaller than you think you need it to be.  2: write the word "months," vertically.  3: Let the big kids help.  It's sidewalk chalk, so monthly photo time doubles as outside playtime! Score!

How long before O & L realize they got the shaft on this one?

Friday, July 19, 2013

Pop-Up Shop = Legit!

We had the most fun yesterday at our first ever Pop-Up Shop.  Our new friend Esther, the owner of Cuteheads(a very adorable children's line), contacted me a month or so ago wanting to set up an easy breezy, no stress, all fun event.  The goal was to showcase a few locally owned businesses and she had the most perfect space at her fingertips.  This girl was on it y'all.  Flyers, invitations, emails, space, press....all pulled together in seriously 2 weeks.  We honestly didn't know if we would be listening to crickets all day or cha-ching ringing up sales!  When it was all said and done, all 8 vendors had successful days that far exceeded our expectations.  Thanks to Jessica Laviage of Paperhearts Photography for making the TLC set-up look great on camera!

Since so much of our business is done online, it really is such a treat to be face-to-face with our customers new and old!!  That being said, we're already booking fall trunk shows, so send us a message to info@thelittlecrane.com. if you are interested.  We learned a lot from our first round of shows last spring and have made improvements for this season!  And y'all....the goods are gooooooooood.

** You can check out all of the vendors from yesterday's shop here: Cuteheads, Paperhearts Photography, Jodycakes, From Prosseco to Plaid, Lindsy Steinberg Events, LilahGabriel, Green Plate Kitchen

Monday, July 15, 2013

We've got Ribs, Shrimp, Salad and Ribs

This probably won't be funny to anyone but my crafting soul sister Julie. On her bachelorette party in Memphis as we stumbled for food at 2am we found ourselves in a BBQ restaurant and asking what was on their menu the server kept repeating the list of...Ribs, Shrimp, Salad and more Ribs. (please use your best long drawl) and we could.not.stop.giggling...I mean why was Salad thrown in that list? Needless to say we found some pizza! But if someone dares say Ribs in our presence...it's over...you must listen to us say the phrase 16 times while we laugh ourselves through the whole trip, including "the skit where Beth dressed like Paul", "Jen's Marriage Proposal Carriage Ride" and Stacy and I's personal favorite "Can we not use perfume or perfumed lotions today"!

Okay..back on track! I accidentally watched pit masters yesterday...well it was more on in the background and that promptly made this pregnant lady need RIBS. And need them STAT. I had no problem convincing John that this needed to happen immediately and I headed to the grocery store ALONE (which is just glorious in so many ways) during nap time. I decided to make the ribs in my crock pot- I'd heard great things- and we weren't let down in the least! Go try it, try it now- easy easy easy and finger licking delicious!

(Candice told me to post my recipes...so here it is!)
1 rack of st. louis style pork ribs
BBQ sauce- I used Sweet Baby Ray's Honey BBQ b/c that's what I like...it can be anything!
Worcestershire Sauce
garlic salt, steak seasoning, creole seasoning, minced garlic

So I kinda just made this one up! I took the sheath off the back of the ribs (google it) and then rubbed garlic salt, steak seasoning, creole seasoning (liberally) in on both sides. I'm sure some BBQ expert is laughing at my "rub" but it's what I had and it worked! I placed the ribs in my crockpot meaty side touching the wall of the crock pot.. so they kinda stood up against the outside- like made a ring around the side. Then I poured BBQ sauce all over them...maybe 1/2 the regular sized bottle. I turned my crockpot on high for 4 hours (I'm sure low 8hrs gets you a great result too)...I just needed the expedited cooking time!

About half way through I poured some worcetershire sauce (8-10 liberal shakes) and pats of butter on there- maybe 1/3 of a stick and let them melt down (someone on pit masters did this, so I just copied!) and I also spooned the bbq sauce back on top of the ribs. At 3hrs I added minced garlic to the top- kinda balanced it on, and spooned the sauce back up to cover them again.

At 4hrs the meat was falling off the bone! I can't explain how delicious these ribs turned out and how easy they were! I also underestimated how much Maggie was going to like them, she asked for "more please" two times and kept saying "OH WOW" "OH WOW".

Y'all...get on it. Happy Monday!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Destination Summer 2013

I'm talking about Gavley y'all! This is what we've been doing all summer, I keep trying to explain how glorious it is to people and I'm not sure everyone understands. Having a beach house an hour away from your own house, stocked with all the kid essentials you need is just pure delight. The beach becomes a virtual babysitter/entertainment for us, and when everyone gets tired we sneak right upstairs for lunch, naps and quick trip down the street to a REAL New Orleans snoball stand. (Transplants know what I mean when I say this! REAL Sno-Wizard Ice!) We are so lucky that we get to enjoy this and that I had parents that worked so hard in life to make this a reality for us! Sometimes I just close my eyes and picture the future 5pm happy hours on the beach, all of our kids sun kissed skin piled in bunk beds, Mega-Family Taboo Marathons (boys v girls obviously) and I just can't wait! For now we are enjoying pure adorableness of babies on the beach, toddlers laughing hysterically at waves, and the novelty that comes with an Uncle digging a "pool" to sit in as the tide goes out! You know you want to come visit! Huge TLC play date on the beach??!!!

              Addy and Camille (and Parker and Sophie but my camera died!) came to visit!

Mini's being adorable!!!!

Salt Life!!

Honey in all her glory!!!

I can't stop y'all! Look at Laine being the boss, and Mags acting 2, and Blakely not understanding why these crazy Aunties make her take 100 posed matching clothes pictures, and Owey just being cute at all times, and poor Livy...about to end up with an ear infection and no one knows yet! Jessica told me no more matching outfit changes after this one...she's lying. She let me buy matching jon-jon's yesterday for Owen and this No-Name baby Boy of mine! 

The Lone Ranger not scared of sparklers! 

Pappy and his Granddaughters! Happy Birthday Dad- We LOVE YOU!