Tuesday, February 21, 2012

It's Fat Tuesday!

I'd like to tell you I'm second lining my way down St. Charles, sippin on some Bloody Mary's and only stopping to eat some boiled crawfish...but I'm really at work prepping for budget meetings! I did have some king cake for breakfast! And Grandpappy babysat (and DD'ed) so that John and I could enjoy all that Galveston Mardi Gras has to offer on Saturday night...which was more than I expected!

But the real news of the week....Maggie moved onto Avocado's...and she LOOOVEEED IT! Like didn't want to stop, like leaned over the edge of the highchair to show Pipey her special treat, like licked her fingers like she just had a BBQ dinner, like got mad when the bowl was empty! So check plus on that...unless of course in the 4 day allergy waiting period we have a problem. See how I'm following the rules before I get over zealous and shove every treat in the first stage of the cookbook down her throat just to pass up milestones. Sooooo what's next?? Sweet Pots? Or Apples? I have both at home just waiting on a good steam/mash/no season! Oh Also...do I mix these treats with the rice cereal? Do I just sent them to baby school in little containers just like it's regular bebe food? And like, how do you send avocado?

And in other noteworthy happenings in the Schnure house...look what I got for Valentine's Day...are you jelly? You kinda wish you had ordered it so you could be just like Christina Applegate too! Sure wish I could travel back to 1997 and find my Sarah name chain so I could double the two up! It showed up a little late but totally worth the wait! Plus it came with a Max&Chloe catalog in which I promptly circled everything as future gifts that would be appreciated!

Happy Fat Tuesday Everyone! Get all your silly/sin/eating/drinking out of the way today, if you believe in that of course! You should probably get some bebe shopping out of the way too, and just in time for Auction Night....Tomorrow!!! We've got some new goodies in store for you, can't wait for ya'll to see everything!


  1. serial TLC stalker...first time commenter!

    i am a bebe food making/storing pro, so i'm all about this post!

    re: avocados. after you mash, scoop into ice cube trays/baby food storage containers. avocados don't brown in the freezer!

    for baby school -- take out freezer in the morn, and just let defrost in a little lunchbox w/ a freezer pack. by lunchtime, it will be mushy and baby ready!

    re: rice cereal. mix it in if you want to thicken, but my pedi said we could skip it, so we never used it. a really ripe avocado is already the perfect consistency sans rice cereal.

    sweet taters are a great next baby food, but they will need to be thinned out w/ breastmilk or formula -- whatever you're already feeding her. then steam some peas and thin them out, too! steamed squash and zucchini were our next baby food...they are already very watery and only need one zap in the blender to become a perfect pureed consistency. ooohhh...then bake some butternut squash! mix w/ your liquid...puree! deeeliiiissssh. then bake apples and puree w/ liquid. then get some really ripe pears! they are already watery, so they just need to be pureed! ooh! and bananas! ripe, mash, go! then start mixing after you know what she can tolerate. banacado! sweetpotapple! so fun!

    my favorite web-site is wholesomebabyfood.com -- they have great cooking/storing tips, too.

    1. THANK YOU! We'll try the sweet pot's next!!