Friday, March 30, 2012

Galvy- Hamptons of the Texas Gulf Coast

My parents spent years looking at vacation homes all over the country (I think they enjoyed testing them out if you ask me). Maine, Carolina's, Smokey Mountains, New Hampshire, Florida...etc etc and etc. When my Dad got transferred to Houston so they could be closer to MDAnderson they took a day trip to Galveston, and it was done. Huge house directly on the beach, and only an hour away- they were completely sold. I wasn't...I had admittedly only traveled to Galveston once and had a snobbish attitude about it since it wasn't FL Panhandle-the New Orleanians beach paradise playground. BUT I took a house hunting trip down with them, (34 weeks pregnant in July- just saying) and I was in love too. Beaches lined with beautiful houses overflowing with families, kids, bbq pits and SUV's in the driveway...I already had my family in the house and all the cousins playing on the beach, running back to the house to get lunch and popsicles.

I knew this was my Mom's dream too, and unfortunately my Dad closed on the house a week after she passed away. Everytime I get to the house, my body fills with a strange mix of sadness and happiness- thinking of all the memories that will be made without her is very hard. But at the same time, the ocean and beach bring me such a peacefulness that I don't find in any other place. And this reminds me that my Mom is at peace- no more fighting, no more drugs, no more hiding her pain, no more holding on. If I close my eyes I can just imagine her happily sitting on the porch in a rocking chair, reading her 5th book of the weekend, sipping on some Kendall Jackson and watching everyone she loves enjoy themselves.

John's parents are arriving in Houston tonight and we are headed to the beach for the first time in good Spring/Summer weather! We've already Thanksgiving-ed there, New Years-ed there, Mardi-Gras-ed there...and I'm itching for some beach time! I can't wait to get Mags all up in the sand and surf!

Whatcha think...Little Crane BBQ at the beach for all our Houston shoppers?!!!!

Enjoy your weekend!


  1. I had the same thoughts about Galveston since we vacation in FloraBama with David's family every year. Now I'm begging for a TX Riviera house. We would be all up for a Houston beach BBQ! Wearing our best TLC clothing, of course!

  2. OMG, I CAN'T WAIT TILL MEMORIAL DAY!!! Have fun this weekend!!!

  3. Yea Salt Life! We will do Anne proud and have so many awesome memories at that house! Can't wait for Memorial Day!

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