Wednesday, March 14, 2012

"get that out of your mouth!!"

How can you stop your toddler from putting everything in their mouth?
Oh my goodness.... many many times a day I tell Annie to "get that out of your mouth"!

Sunday Anthony, Annie and I were out running errands. It rained all weekend so it was wet and yucky outside. As we were walking through the parking lot, I watched Annie run her hand along the metal thing that holds all of the shopping carts. It was wet from the rain. She looked at her hand and said "water" and put her hand in her mouth to suck the water off of her fingers. Gross! Gross! Disgusting! All I could think about was what diseases she was going to catch! Not to mention at this same store I looked away for one second and when I looked back she was picking some chewed gum off the floor! No doubt she was going to sneak it in her mouth if I hadn't caught her.

I'm not a germaphobe mom by any means. But even this was a little too much for me to handle.

She puts everything in her mouth. I catch her chewing on stickers, water bottle caps, pony tail holders, small toys... the list goes on. Aside from the germs, I'm scared to death of her choking! I plead and beg her not to put things in her mouth.

Anyone watch my strange addictions? People addicted to eating tape, dirt, toilet paper? I had a dream last night that Annie was addicted to eating paper. I know I'm just being a crazy parent and she will grow out of this. I'm just hoping it is really soon!
Any advice on how to keep things out of her mouth?