Monday, March 19, 2012

Giddy Up-Yeehaw!

Did y'all know that I am lucky enough to live in the same city as the same best friend I've had since 1996ish??? I do!  We don't shout that from the rooftops enough and we don't celebrate it enough...just saying Neecole!  This weekend we did the rodeo! Ha!  Two New Orleans girls with their Texan born babies saying "yee-haw" and "giddy up" all over the Houston rodeo. 

We promise we didn't prompt the hand holding and general love fest between the 2 yr olds...joke...we totally did!  But don't you want your pups to be BFF with your BFF's kids?? We do!  All little girls had a great time and everyone including the grown ups were 100% spent by the end of it.  We fed chickens, planted seeds, rolled in corn kernels, moo'd at cows, and rode the carousel.  Glorious!

As sad as I am that we didn't get to show the girls what Mardi Gras was this year, I'm happy to start this tradition and for them to have their first taste of Texas pride....eeeeeeek! I can't believe I just typed that, but I did...and it's the truth.

Now I'm gonna go plan a precious auction for ya'll this week! Cuteness FOR REAL! Get excited!


  1. It was a great day at the rodeo... but glad we had Sunday to recover. Thanks for being my BF.