Friday, March 23, 2012

Miss Maggie Bug!

Happy Friday everyone! I got a really special treat in my inbox this morning! The fabulous Erin Carlyle already edited Maggie's 6 month pics and had a sneak peek up on her blog for my viewing pleasure! Link is below, first blog post "Miss Maggie"! Leave a comment and show her how much we/I/TLC loves her/Maggie!

Click it Here!
You couldn't close the browser window right...I can't make it up. And I KNOW that I say I LOVE LOVE love a lot of things! And I get really excited about a lot of things, so maybe I'm like the boy that cried "LOVE" but this isn't a joke. Erin is amazing to work with and takes even more amazing photographs. TRUST ME, she is 10000% worth the investment. If you are in Houston or the surrounding areas....go book your session and give her a creative free won't regret it!

And now that I re-looked at all the pictures she sent me...I'm going to pick up my sweet baby girl and have a girl's afternoon! Four 12 hour work days this week has me checking out at noon on Friday!

PS- I hope hope hope you are ready for new TLC cuteness...we are checking tracking numbers like crazy because it's on it's way to us! Which means it's on its way to you too!