Tuesday, March 13, 2012


Hi Hi HIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii! I'm still fresh off my amazing weekend! Plus it's Spring Break week and the Houston traffic is just Glory Glory Haleigh during this week, just a quick peek at what summertime will feel like with 20min (instead of 45min) commute times! LOVE IT!

Weekend. Ya'll. My husband is just so real deal that I can't make it up. He pretended all week like we were going camping somewhere in Texas- and I was apprehensive, but I didn't want to say it outloud- not that I don't like camping, but I just didn't want to have to work on my mini-secret-birthday-vacay. And then we dropped Mags off at Giggy's and I found out we were heading right down the street to Hotel Zaza, land of pretty people, fantastic cocktails, plush beds and delicious eats! We weren't even there 24hrs but it was just so sosoooo very delightful and just what we needed. Battery Re-charge (I know it's cliche but it's sooo true). Who's going next weekend, I'll babysit. Call me!

A great deal of our time was spent eating and sleeping, like we might have taken a 2hr nap upon arrival! If ya'll haven't been to Local Foods yet (Benjy's new venture) you need to get over there! YUM YUM YUMMMM. We ventured out in the rain to sneak over and see the King Tut exhibit at MFAH and then enjoyed a long non-baby-in-tow delicious dinner with a big ole bottle of wine at Monarch! Complete with mini brandy milkshakes for dessert! Ya'll. So good. Our room came with a free brunch coupon so we went right back down in the morning and much to my surprise one of my all time favorite brunch items...chicken and waffles...was waiting for me! Couldn't have planned it better myself! Thanks John, my BB, and not just for this, for everything you do. And Thanks Giggy, Johsy, and Marla- we owe you one!