Thursday, March 22, 2012

Thoughts on Balance

Raise your hand if you feel like you're on a life long quest to find balance in life.  Do you notice I always ask you to raise your hand when I need people on my team?? Ha!   It feels like every couple of months I circle back to a desperate need to find it...balance. 

Do you think it's possible?? It seems so doable in easy as designating time for each piece of your puzzle and sticking to it...done! Lately, the problem for me is that things are more demanding than expected...a project is bigger than you thought, the perfect part time job actually requires full time hours, a friend needs some extra help, your kids are whiny and cutting into your house cleaning time...get what I'm saying???

As I find in most aspects of life, convincing myself that what I thought was such a big deal, isn't such a big deal after all, usually helps me feel better about my lack of balance.  If my laundry builds up for multiple's ok.  If I have to stay up late every  night for a's ok.  If my girls' birthday party isn't out of control over the's ok.  If my first attempt at planting my front yard isn't picture's ok.  See me trying to convince myself?? Ha!!!

I'm still dreaming of my plans for a life changing(ha!) calendar that I talked about here.  Haven't done it yet, but it is MANDATORY!  So, here is the adjusted plan in my current quest for balance.

1. Purchase a purse size calendar instead of wall size, so it is always at my fingertips(Sarah's Idea).
2. Night time list making for the next day.
3. Morning re-read of the night time list.
4. Designate time in the day for working on TLC.
5. Designate time in the day meant only for playing with the girls.
6. Pencil in time on the calendar for working on projects not related to TLC.
7. Don't over-commit...ha!
8. Don't feel defeated when things don't go perfectly as planned.
9. Read this list often as a reminder of what I'm supposed to be doing.

Y'all...I'm not trying to be Debbie Downer.  I'm just planning and talking...Ok?!?!?  Would love feedback and advice!

Now for a little motivation:

Balanced mom = happy girls! Done!


  1. Happiness & Harmony.. That's all that really matters.

  2. I love those little munchkins so much I can't stand it. Look at them so sweet sweet baby darlins in the bottom right's like they are saying, "Sari look at me living the smocked life, now come over and twirl me around until I can't walk straight!!!"

    BUY THE PLANNER. Maybe Erin Condren has one..UPDATE...40% off LIFE PLANNERS

    And I secretly kinda like it chaotic like this!

    1. OMG, I bought the week-at-a-glance personalized life planner for 2012 and I absolutely love it! I love going through it everyday and making my little notes and planning me day. Go get's so fun!

  3. I think I thrive on too much to do! I have an Erin Condren plus a little notebook where I jot down a running to do list and mark them off as they get done. Some things aren't priority and stay on there for MONTHS, but I try to choose 5 things each night to get done the next day. Good luck!

    1. Do you love the Erin Condren? Worth missing the first 3 months?? I mean...they are 40% off.

  4. I couldn't function w/o my calendar and To Do list. I'd be forgetting things left and right w/o them!!! We (hubby and me both) use our iPhones. They're automatically set so that anytime one of us enters something onto the calendar in our phone it automatically syncs w/ the other phone AND the calendar on our computer. Each month I print the calendar for the month and hang it in the kitchen.
    I also use a grocery list app so I always have the grocery list at my fingertips!!! And I can email it to my man if I need him to pick up stuff on the way home from work!! ;)
    Good luck Jess!!!