Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby's First Year - Monthly Photo Idea!

Sooooo many ideas out there to document the first year of your baby's life y'all.  After watching Sarah take WEEKLY photos of Maggie using precious blocks as the week marker, I decided I needed to step up my efforts for Owen.  

For the girls, I used a small dry erase board.  It served it's purpose, but let's be honest, I needed something Instagram worthy this time.  Hahahahahah!  I searched pinterest high and low and just couldn't commit until my sister-in-law found this photo, and I thought ohhhhhhhhhhhh, I can make that work for a monthly pic.  I cannot believe we have a 6 month old in this house, but we do.  Here's what we have so far in our little picture project:

It's easy y'all! You know that's my motto...easy, breezy.  My only little bits of advice are 1: make the number smaller than you think you need it to be.  2: write the word "months," vertically.  3: Let the big kids help.  It's sidewalk chalk, so monthly photo time doubles as outside playtime! Score!

How long before O & L realize they got the shaft on this one?


  1. 1)Maggie looks exactly the same
    2)L&O 5 months is priceless perfection!
    3)We are really good at creating squishy, rolly, cheek no-neck babies!

  2. Great pics. why does olivia only get top billing in the 5th month? those are some really cut kids.

  3. i feel guilty (and jealous) every time i see these... maybe i'll get my act together for baby no. 3

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